Join our Referral Program and get PAID to Fish!
  • Get you own code/link to share with your audience
  • Make Content and share your code or link
  • Get PAID %10 of EVERY SALE using your code.
  • Get Early Access to New Products
  • Get FREE Product to Test and Promote
Overview: The Titan Affiliate/Referral program is our new way of tracking and rewarding our Pro Staff members for promoting our products and creating content.  We program requires you make an account with the Shopify Collabs app, and you will also need a PayPal account to receive commission payments. 


Is it Free to Join? YES! This is absolutely a free program to join, and no purchase is necessary.
How do I earn Money? It's simple. Once you sign up for the program, you will have your own personal code and link. Example: JoshFishing10.  Share this code with your audience, and you get paid on every purchase they make. 
Do I need to have a Shopify Store? Nope! All  you need is a free user account with the Shopify Collab app. 
How will I get Paid? This is the easy part. Just connect your PayPal account and you will get paid directly from Titan. This is typically every Friday, or around 3-5 days after a referral order is placed.
Is their a CAP on how much I can earn? NOPE! There is no maximum cap on how much commission you can earn. Additionally, the more you earn the faster you will get moved up through to program to earn even more commission percentage. We start at 10% and top tiers pay 30%+.
Where do I share my code or link? That's up to you! Most of our staff members create fishing content using our products and then drop their code and link in the posts. 
Create awesome fishing content and mention our products, and you get 10% CASH Commission on all sales made using your code or link. 
We do not have a CAP on the amount of commission you can make. Not only that, the more sales generated from your content, the higher the commission. Pro Level is 25%+ Commission!! 
Get FREE Product
Starting at tier 2, our staff gets FREE product to review and promote through their social media content. 
Early Access to NEW Products
We are developing almost 100 new products that will be made at our factory in Alabama. Get access to test and review these products before the public. 
Commission on all referrals
  • Custom Referral Code and Links
  • %20 OFF All Titan Products
  • %10 Commission on all Referrals
  • Access to Private Titan FB Page
Commission on all referrals
  • Annual Product Budget
  • First Access to All New Products
  • Dedicated VIP Support
  • Annual Cash Bonus
  • Annual Cash Retainer
Commission on all referrals
  • 25% Off Titan Products
  • 15% Commission
  • Access to FREE Products for Testing/Review 
  • Level 2 Support

How To Sign Up

1. Open the link to our Shopify Collab Application.
Click the link or button below.

2. Click "JOIN NOW" on our application home page

3. After Clicking "JOIN NOW" it will open a page to create your FREE Shopify account. This isn't a store account, its just a user account for the COLLAB application. 

Click the green button "Continue with Shopify". 

4. Create Shopify ID.  The next step is to create the Shopify User ID. You have four (4) options to pick from. 

Apple ID

For this example, we will use email.

5. Enter Account Info.  Setup the new account with email, name, and password. Then click "Create Shopify ID"

6. Fill out Application. Now your account is created, you are taken to Affiliate Application. Fill this form out, and pick your personal code at the bottom of this form. 

7. Connect Social Accounts.  To be eligible for this program, you need to connect at least 1 social account.   We don't access any of your information or post anything on your profile. This just allows the Collab app to pull down your basic social media follower stats, and helps us quickly identify active content creators.  

8. Grant Access to Shopify Collabs. FOr this example, we picked YouTube from the list above. Once we logged-in, it asks us to grant access to the account. Review the access, and then Click ALLOW.

9. Select your Country.  In the drop-down box under "About You", select your country from the drop down box.  For now, we only work with staff members in the USA and Canada. 

Click "SEND APPLICATION" To submit the application.

That's it! Your Application has now been Submitted. 

After you submit your application, give us a few days to review it and make a decision. This is a manual process, and we read through each application. 

Check Approval

So you got approved, congratulations and welcome to the team! Now what?! Lets have a look at the app and see how to check our stats and commission.

1. Login to COLLABS and check your application status. If you look under the active status, and you don't see "TITAN TUNGSTEN" then your application is still PENDING. 

If you click PENDING, and see Titan then give us a little more time to review your app and make a decision.

If you have been APPROVED, then you will see this under your "active" collabs. Below the name "titan Tungsten" you will also see your initial commission and discount settings. In this example, Tier 1 gets 10% Commission, and the new customer saves %10. 

Click on "Titan Tungsten" to get more details.

Verify Your Code and Link

Once that you have verified that your Collab application has been approved and active, then this section will help you verify your personal affiliate code and link.

1. Login to Shopify Collabs.

2. Click on "Collabs" in the left hand nav menu.

3. Click "Titan Tungsten" under "Active" category.

4. Get Familiar with the Collab Dashboard. This shows all of your codes, links, gifts, affiliate products, and sales commission. You will also need to setup your paypal payment settings, which we will do later below.

In this example, it shows a tier 1 account with 10% Commission and 10% Audience discount. 

At the bottom, you will also see your personalized code and link to the Titan Tungsten website. You can share these will your audience, and that's how we track sales and commission.

Example: My code here is "JOSH10", but I also can use the link to share.

How To Share To Your Audience

So you read everything, went through the setup, linked all your accounts, and got approved. Congratulations for getting this far. It's a little bit of setup, but it will be worth it for sure. Now we have a way to reward you for all the promotion you have been doing! Lets talk about a few ways to take your code or link and share it to your audiences.  

#1 Method. Share to FaceBook or Instagram. We found what we though was a GREAT Example of how to make a basic post for your audience on FaceBook. This was created by Ben Bryant.

What Ben did was write up a little intro about the product, and listed a few reasons why he likes our tungsten. Then, at the bottom of the post listed both his link AND the his code. 

GREAT WORK BEN! Best example we have seen yet. 

Now after Ben made this post, anyone from his audience that uses his code or link and makes a purchase will save %10, and he will get 10% Cash commission. 

Method #2. Promoting Specific Products. Another great example From Ben Bryant. In this example, Ben is promoting a specific product "Polymer Tungsten Weights".  You can do this by going to your collab dashboard and clicking on "saved Products". 

Go to "Saved Products" on your Collab dashboard and click "View All".


 click "AFFILIATE PRODUCTS" in the main nav bar.

Search Affiliate Products.  If you look under "Find Products" you will see all the items that are available for the affiliate program. 

You can "search" through this list, or browse by scrolling. 

To add a product to your "SAVED LIST" and to get a link to that specific product, just click on it to get more details. 

After you click on a product, it will open that products detail page. This is where you can get an affiliate link to a specific product like in example #2 above. 

Once you find a specific product you want to promote, then just click on "Get Affiliate Link".

This product will be added to your "Saved Products".

Now if you click on "Saved Products" you will now see your favorites.

Now if you click on a "saved Product" you can see the new affiliate code linked to that product only. 

However, you will be credited for the entire purchase from the customer. This is just easier if you are wanting to promote a new or specific product. It also takes the customer to the specific page of the product. 

Example: My code for this product would be 

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